The Village was a settlement in the Land of Lyr.


The village

The Village

The village is located not far from Lancelot Castle and was swallowed by Yungo, a inter-dimensional being, who was summoned by the inexperienced sorceress, Nikki.

When Yungo was banished back to his dimension by Fargus, Nikki and Sid's Wishing Engine boon, the village was spat back out of Yungo's mouth, where it ended up resting at an off-kilter angle. Unbeknownst to Nikki, when they were at the Wishing engine, Fargus had also wished that everyone back home in his village were "just like him". Upon returning, Nikki, Fargus and Sid found the residents had all been transformed into manically happier, pyromanic people, all of which looked just like Fargus.