Storm Temple
Storm Temple PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 18
Terrain Sky
Preceded by Frozen Cavern
Succeeded by Wishing Engine
Appearances Pandemonium!

An electrically charged monument deep within a storm, this temple was long ago built by a race of giants to honour their storm gods [1].


The power of an ancient civilisation is out to get you, with orbs of plasmic electricity cascading across the ruins of the temple. Take advantage of the storm shelters strategically placed en-route to shield yourself from electrocution. When shelters are rare, use "spirit geysers", ethereal green shards of light, to propel yourself upwards.

Phoenix fireballs will once again help you corrode the crystals that hinder your progression. Night Demons haunt the inner sanctum of the temple, they can be repelled by activating light switches, however if you have access to a spell, they can be permanently destroyed.

The final part of the Storm Temple is plagued by a "ghost-wind", a current of spirits that drags you backwards. Once again, the shelters can be used to steady yourself against the wrath of the storm gods.




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