The Righteous Path is the map screen of Pandemonium 2.


Each level's portal is represented by different objects or backdrops.

  • Goon City: Cliff with waterfall
  • Ice Prison: Ice cavern
  • Zorrscha's Lab: Electric orbs, power generators and a Fire Crystal
  • Hot Pants: Rocket launchpad and observatory tower
  • Stan's The Man: Space lagoon tree and rocket
  • Oyster Desoyster: Bubble lava pool
  • Puzzlewood: Jigsaw puzzle trees
  • Temple of Nori: Temple doors
  • Egg! Egg!: Temple interior and King Egg Egg
  • Huevos Libertad: Goon outpost houses
  • Pipe Haus: Pipes
  • Hate Tank: Tank, drill-bot and mine walls
  • Fantabulous: Giant fan in a silo
  • Mr. Schneobelen: Tunnel and mech boss
  • Collide-O-Scope: Drill ship and launch site
  • The Zoul Train: Monster maw obstacle from the level
  • Lick The Toad: Fly, clock obstacle and hand platform from the level
  • The Bitter End: Doors which open before reaching the portal
  • Rub the Buddha: Inner sanctum and Zorrscha