Soundtrack composed by Burke Trieschmann

The Pandemonium 2 soundtrack was the musical accompaniment to Pandemonium 2.


The soundtrack was composed by Burke Trieschmann. Very much like Pandemonium 2's change of tone, the soundtrack also diverges slightly from the original's Celtic genre; Pandemonium 2's soundtrack offers a more vibrant electronic sound inspired by genres such as techno and electronica.


  1. Main Menu
  2. Righteous Path
  3. Goon City
  4. Ice Prison
  5. Zorrscha's Lab
  6. Hot Pants (Dragoon)
  7. Stan's The Man
  8. Oyster Desoyster
  9. Puzzlewood
  10. Temple of Nori
  11. Egg! Egg! (King Egg Egg)
  12. Huevos Libertad!
  13. Pipe Haus
  14. Hate Tank
  15. Fantabulous
  16. Mr. Schneobelen (Mech boss)
  17. Collide-O-Scope
  18. The Zoul Train
  19. Lick The Toad
  20. The Bitter End
  21. Rub the Buddha (Buddha)
  22. Boarder Run