Dragoon Skyfort
Dragoon Skyfort PSN-upload
Mystic Map Screen
Vital Info
Location Lyr
Level # Level 14
Terrain Sky
Preceded by Honcho's Airship
Succeeded by Cloud Citadel
Appearances Pandemonium!

Dragoon Skyfort is a fortification high above Lyr. From this height one can view the forests, deserts and mountains of the land.


With the ground now far below, marble pathways dangling in the air can be few and far between - so carefully use bouncy clouds to ensure you don't lose your footing. However, not all clouds grant steady footing, and some will break apart if you linger too long. Watch out for Blimps as these pests will follow you no matter what direction you take. Be sure to splat them directly on the nose to kill them.

Like the later part of Honcho's Airship, a large marble maze must be passed whilst in dragoon form to proceed.